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Joseph Skrable and Franciscka Taus sailed to New York from Bohemia June 29th, 1877. Like many immigrants they settled into New York City neighborhood that had other families from their home country. For Joseph and Franciska this was Second Street in New York City. It was recorded that they had six children; Vaclav, Mary, Joseph, Antoine, Barbara and Franciska. These are my paternal ancestors and my initial focus of my research.

Skrable is not a common name and early in my research I discovered another group of Skrable’s that came from Bohemia to the US September 16th, 1857 and settled in Iowa. All Skrable’s uncovered so far can usually be traced to one of these Skrable families. I suspect that they may be related but to make that connection my research will need to go back to Bohemia.

Of course I have not ignored all maternal branches in my tree. The Sims, Fees, Heinrichs, Tshcupps and Jorgensens are all included in my research.